MelRhon Enterprise is an independent and privately owned company primarily engaged to promote agribusiness in the specialized field of sourcing natural gums and resins to non-timber forest products with abundance through sustainable tapping methods. Our company directly works in partnership and forms an alliance between enterprising communities and harvesters cooperatives that are seriously concerned to promote the quality of their produce. We foster and create the growth of these communities as a practical vehicle for encouraging self-reliance and harnessing people towards the attainment of economic development and social justice.

MelRhon Enterprise is “a family business” focused to develop long-term relationships with our clients. This dedication to long-term partnerships has allowed us to facilitate many local organizations achieve their business goals and grow strategically through the effective participation of our guidance and processes. A company circumscribed to its philosophy of transparent relationship and responsibility that all concerned may benefit from its endeavours.

MelRhon Enterprise is determined to establish its company name in the world market scene as a major player for the continuous supply and source of natural gums & resins indigenous only from the Philippines.

To be a highly respected world-class source of natural gums & resins company committed to deliver excellence with value for money to its clients.

Our mission is to provide sustainable natural products that empower families to fulfil their dreams, thus building a stronger Philippines.